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Copy of Person or Event Template

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Jean Piaget

Summary Statement

Presented by: Halee McElroy

Make sure you save this page as the name of your person or event. Don't save it as the name it has right now! Then delete this blue text.

Historical Context of Work

Life span information

Explain the historical context of the person or event (context explains a lot).

Education and Influences

Educational information (remove this row if you are reporting on an event)

Explain  who or what influences the person or event.

Work Life

A summary of their work life (remove this row if you are reporting on an event)

Impact on Best Practices

How did this person or event change or inform our view of what best practice is in education?

Problems or Failures

Did this person or event run into any problems or challenges to their message?

Other Interesting Facts

Just add anything else that you found interesting about this person or event. For instance, can your track this person or event back to any other name or event on this list? This area is like playing "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" with educational terms.

Impact on Others

Provide a few direct quotes about how this person or event has impacted the thinking of others. FYI - this is the only place in this presentation that should be quoted. All other areas should be summaries using your own words.


Include a variety of references used to complete your summary in this area.

Consider including links to anything that is on the Internet. Make sure you use more than just internet sites to complete your study.



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